Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cardiology update

This morning we had Parker's long awaited cardiology appointment. it went really good. He was such a big boy. He got to use the big boy scale for his height and weight (34 inches and 23.2 lbs). Obviously he is still way too small for his age but he is on a growth curve (way under the normal one, but at least he is on a curve and not stagnant with his growth). The echo was not fun, but it never is. Parker whined and cried through the entire thing, but he was good the rest of the appointment. He told every thank you anytime they did anything! The echo showed that his heart function is the same as last time (so-so) and his mitral valve is still leaky, it also showed a new valve to be a leaking, but they arent too worried about it. They said that they can fix the valves in the next surgery. Everything else looked good. We just need to watch him this summer since this is his first summer to actually play in the hot humid weather. No limitations, just need to keep the kid hydrated. We also get to wean him off of the lasix!!!...potty training here we come!!!
Here is a picture of Dr. Seib and Parker, being such a big boy!

Whenever Parker comes in all the medical students and residents come into his room to listen to him. Parker has a funky sounding heart and everyone wants a turn to hear it. Parker was so good, he didnt even care.

So, overall a good report and we dont go back for 6 months. Surgery will still be a few years down the road. Thanks for all the prayers!!


The Simmons Family said...

Good report!! Awesome. He is totally tiny compared to Owen.. but he's doing it on his own (no tube) which is AMAZING!!!!!

Molly and Kevin Strom said...

Kali....good report yay!
Also, Dr. Seib has a daughter that was in my class last year. I love thier sweet family. I had no idea that was his doctor. Small world.