Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving program

Last week Parker had his Thanksgiving program at daycare. I was really surprised that they did a program for his age. It was so funny!!! The teachers sang the songs and the kids whined for their mommys and sang a few words in between!! Parker was the loudest kid!! He was yelling "MOMMA" across the room. He wasnt being bad just loud!! He sang some of the songs and then they got to come eat a Thanksgiving lunch with us. It was really cute but I think it will be a little better next year when he can sit still for more than 2 seconds!

Here is Parker getting up trying to come over to me. Notice how all of the other kids are sitting in the seats ready to sing!
SO, Parker got to sit in the teachers lap!! He wasnt too sad about it!
It was just so cute and the first of many programs I will get to go to!!