Monday, November 16, 2009

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Parker's birthday isnt until the 23rd but we went ahead and had his birthday party this weekend since his real birthday is so close to Thanksgiving. We had his party at our church. They have a really fun indoor playground, a cafe and the gym where people played basketball and did roller skating!! We had a great turnout (but I was sad that some people couldnt make it!!) and everyone had so much fun!

Since it is right in the middles of hunting season, that was our theme. Dennis is a big duck hunter so my mom and I made a cake that looks like a Mallard. We made it look like it is sitting on water and the inside of the duck was red velvet cake!! so funny!

We set up our bounce house in the indoor playground and it was a big hit. Dennis even got in with Parker.

We also had a very special guest....
This is what Parker looked like when he saw him....He was so excited

Giving Barney knuckles

Blowing out the candle....

Parker also got a special present and he loves it!!!
Parker was alot more into opening his presents this year.

It was a great day! Parker was in the best mood and LOVED Barney. I was worried that it would scare him. He would go around and tell everyone Barney was there and would point to him.
I still cant believe Parker will be two next week. If you ask him how old he is, he will say "TWO"!!! I hope everyone has a great week!!


The Simmons Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER (next week!) I love the party idea... if only Owen could bounce.. ha!

Super cool truck ride on. Let me know how he likes it, I was thinking the same thing for Owen.

the osbornes said...

It looks like it was a blast! I am so sad we couldn't make it, Noah would have loved it!!

The Vance's said...

Looks like you all had so much fun!! I am sad we couldn't make it:( Happy Birthday Parker!!!