Thursday, September 10, 2009

Razorbacks and Labor Day

It has taken me forever to post about our weekend. It was a relaxing weekend with lots of good food! There will be a lot of pictures....
Here is Parker on his first day going to his new "big boy" class at school.

On Saturday we bought the Razorback game on PPV and had some friends over. I am jus so glad that it is football season! and I am really happy that the Hogs won!!

I could not get Parker to smile! I just love his Razorback jersey!

Of course, Parker had to kiss the huge Razorback!
On Sunday, we went to my grandparents lake house in Hot Springs for a day at the lake and a cookout. Dennis and I rode jet skis while Parker took a long nap in the house. I am SOOOO sore! We had so much fun and I did a pretty good job at keeping up with Dennis!

Me and my dad

My mom got Parker this really awesome tent at Rhea Lana on Saturday (if you have never been, it is a kids consignment sale...just wait til you see Parker's halloween costume that I got!!!)

Me and my two sisters
On Monday, Dennis went to work on his deer stand at his deer camp. It is almost hunting season! Me and Parker went up there for a few hours. Dennis took Parker up into his deer stand.

You can kinda see he wasnt that happy. It was the beginning to his sickness. Parker is really sick!! It got really bad last night with a 102.5 fever! He has been thowing up and just does not feel good. He did get tested for the flu today and it came back negative, PTL!! Also, Parker is getting tubes next month becaue he has had 6 ear infections since May. We have alot going on! I will try to post soon. Right now i have to focus on getting my sweat boy well!!


The Vance's said...

Hope he gets better soon!!!