Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big news and the Johnsons

Well, we have had a very busy week! Parker was sick for about 5 days with a very high fever and green drainage in his eyes. He did not have the flu but was a sick little boy! He is back at daycare and I am catching up on work and school.

Some big news....Parker has pee-peed on the potty three times! For the past couple of weeks I have been just sitting him on the potty to get him used to sitting on a big hole. At first he would scream and was so scared of it. The other day I sat him on it and said "go potty" and he peed!! I could not believe it! I have been sitting him on it in the morning, before nap and bedtime. I am by no means potty training him yet! I really dont think he is ready, but this is a huge first step. If he says "pee-pee" I will take him to the potty and see if he will go. He doesnt go everytime but sometimes. He is learning it from his new class at daycare, I think. If he starts showing signs of being ready we will jump in full force, but I just dont think we are there yet.
Last night Stephen, Sarah and Sydney came over for dinner. She is getting so big! She is so much taller than Parker! They had fun together but they both need lessons in sharing (that's an almost two year old for you!)
Sydney wanted to get in the car with Parker. I wanted to get a picture, but it is so hard to get two toddlers to smile at the camera at the same time!!
here is one of Parker smiling
Here is one of Sydney smiling!!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend. I will be cheering on my Razorbacks on Saturday when they play Georgia!!