Friday, August 28, 2009

The start of my favorite time of year!!

This week football season started for my brother and sister. It was a scrimmage game between three different schools in their conference. It was really exciting to see my brother, Justin, play. He is a wide receiver for the junior high football team. I think he got like 20 yards in the 15 minute game. I cant wait to see him play this year! Kelsey also cheered for the high school team. I can. not. believe that she is a senior in high school this year!! Me and Kelsey have become so much closer this past year and I am going to be so sad when she goes off to college!

This is Justin's team

Parker is going to LOVE football season! He loves to be outside and He loves all the cheering. When people start cheering for the team he drops what he is doing and just starts yelling "yeah"!! and clapping.

And.....he loved all the attention from all of the cheerleaders!!!

This year's football season is going to be so fun. Parker is going to enjoy going to the games every week. The weather is soooo beautiful and our days and night are going to be filled with playing outside!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.