Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Diaper Wreath

Last weekend for Diane's baby shower I made a diaper wreath to be decoration for the front door as people came inside. I spent alot of time on it and I just think it turned out really cute! It was my first time to do anything like this. I hope I get to make more and perfect my diaper wreath making abilities. Who knows, maybe I can even try to make a diaper cake!!

I put lots of fun and cute baby items on it. There are lots of little bows, CUTE Razorback socks and onsie, pacifier holder, rattle, bib, little pink shoes and other items. The "M" in the middle is for Mallory. Isnt that a cute name for Diane's little girl?!!
If anyone is interested in a diaper wreath, just let me know. I can make it with just ribbon and no baby items......There are a million options!


Laurie said...

Your wreath is very cute. I got one of these when Emily was born. It had lots of useful things on it. I still have most of them. Parker is so cute!