Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our busy weekend and Parker's new trick!!

On Thursday, Brittani and Danny increased the size of their family!! The new member of the Seller's family is a beagle named Izzy!!

Isn't she SOOO cute!! Just look at those ears!!

Parker got to meet Izzy on Friday night. He loved kissing her, of course!! He did pretty good with her, we had to remind him to be gentle a few times!
Later that night, Parker had a blast in the Home Depot shopping cart!!!

On Saturday morning we went to my grandparent's lake house in Hot Springs to see my grandmother's brother. He was in town from Texas. He is my mom's uncle Johnny. I didnt manage to get a picture with him but here is Parker is Gran's lap.

They have a little Yorkie named Heidi! Parker just loves all the puppies!

On Saturday afternoon we went from Hot Springs straight to a friends wedding. The reception was at the Clinton Library. It was a beautiful place. There was a tour of the library in between the wedding and reception. I though it was a neat and different idea for a wedding.

My brother, Cory, sang at the reception for Erin and Dustin's first dance.
Parker loved playing in the fountain in front of the library
The weather was AMAZING this weekend!! It never got above 85 and there was hardly any humidity! So nice for Parker! After church on Sunday we went over to my parent's house to have lunch and hang out by the pool. Parker got to wear his new life jacket thing. It fits him so well. He is just too tiny for normal life jackets and he doesnt like baby rings.

We have had a hard time with Parker and the water this summer! He has slowly gotten better but he just does not like the pool!
Well, Parker surprised everyone while in the pool this weekend! He blew bubbles in the water! He has never even gotten his face close to the water, but for some reason he felt comfortable and loved it!! I didnt try to take it any further than a few bubbles....one step at a time! I got a few seconds of it on video. You can see how proud he was of himself!
Hope everyone has a great week!


The Simmons Family said...

Oh I love the video... now you'll have to teach him how to blow bubbles in his milk... that's Owen's favorite (and the only way to get him to drink milk from a straw).

I love that he's doing so well and looks fabulous!

The Wilson's - Rick, Megan, and Emilee said...

sooo cute! love the video!