Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching's been a while!!

Well, we have been super busy this past week. Last weekend we flew to Chattanooga for the day for a family reunion. We had so much fun!! There were a few kids Parker's age and he just loved kissing all of the girls!!! Can you believe that I didnt get any pictures from the day!! I was so sad. I guess we will have to go back VERY soon!! Ok, I did take one picture....This is Parker and Dennis on the plane. Parker sat in Dennis' lap for like 30 minutes listening to his IPod!! In the picture you can see Parker concentrating while holding the ear piece up to his ear!

This week Parker also learned another new trick!! He can put his own shoes on! He has been trying to for a while but this week he was sitting on the floor trying and then before I knew it he was walking towards me with the shoes on....the correct feet and everything!!

Even though it was just his crocs....I was still impressed!
Later that night.....

One night this week we went to eat at Cracker Barrel with Steven, Sarah and Sydney. Just look at these two!! Parker LOVED the rocking chairs!

Of course, I have to had a silly picture for absolutely no reason!