Friday, December 12, 2008


....Well, not really walking by himself. A few weeks ago Parker's physical therapist let us bring a new contraption home. It is a walker without the seat. It kinda looks scary. HE has been practicing. Up until this week he couldnt make it very far. He would get so tired and wasnt very coordinated. This week he has started doing soo good. He is getting all around the office! He is still working on walking around things, like holding onto the coffee table and walking around it while holding it. Here is a video of Parker walking in his contraption.

Also, we started Parker on Pediasure yesterday and he loves it. The nutritionist at ACH suggested we try it since the doctor is worried about his weight gain. It has 30 calories per oz. so, we replaced formula with pedisure. I hope it helps him gain weight.


The Simmons Family said...

Oh... that is adorable!! YEAH FOR WALKING PARKER!!

Who thinks of these devices??