Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One year appoinment and pictures!

Parker had his one year pediatrician appointment yesterday. He got all of his shots and his second flu was not a fun time! He weighs 17.1 pounds. Since his 9 month checkup he has fallen off the growth curve even more in all aspects (weight, height...). His doctor was kind of worried about him but we think it is just because he is so mobile now. He is so busy all time, now that he can get around!! I am suppose to talk to his dietician today and we are going to work on a one year old's meal plan with a few extra calories. Another thing that is frustrating me is that I CANNOT get Parker to drink from a sippie cup for the life of me. I think he is going to be the oldest kid still on the bottle! If any of you moms have some tricks for me...PLEASE, I would love to hear them! I will let you know how the consult goes with the dietician.
Anyways, I got the proofs back from Parker's one year pictures. Go here and please look at my precious baby! They will only be available to look at until Monday, Dec 8th. I am going to have such a hard time deciding. Also, I got my Christmas cards in. I guess I should take a picture of them and put it on here because they are so sweet! I will do that on the next post. Well, I need to get back to work...i am so behind since we went out of town last week. Oh yeah, I need to put some pictures from that trip on here too! Wow, I have alot to do. Soon to come!


Karyn said...

I use the Nuc Orthodonic- Wal-Mart or Target has them. They make a 4 and 8 oz bottle and sippie cups. The sippie cups have a handle that comes off and can go on the bottle or you can use the nipple from the bottle with the sippie cup with handle. My almost one year old goes from breast, to bottle, to sippie cup. Good luck!