Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

This weekend was so fun! We spent the weekend at the lake and some friends joined us! Diane and I went to Hot Springs after lunch on Friday with the kids. We got everything ready and swam with the kids.

Parker has always been very timid around the water. This summer is no different but he is doing so much better!! By the end of the weekend he was jumping in from the first step.

Mallory on the other hand is a dare devil!! She is a fish!

Parker loved jumping in to his boogie board.

That night, the boys got there from work and we ate dinner and just relaxed.

The next morning we got up and went out on the boat and took the kids tubing! Parker loved it and Mallory loved it as long as it was for a limited amount of time.

Danny and Brittani also came up on Saturday to play. We ate dinner and then went out on the boat for the fireworks.

The kids stayed up so late and did great!

Diane and BJ left on Sunday and we stayed until Monday. We had the most relaxing time! Parker's favorite thing is to "drive" the boat!

...And to fish! He would sit there for hours and reel in the fake fish!
On Monday we came home, unpacked, and then went to Diane and BJs for an afternoon cookout.

Parker went without his shirt most of the time (because he spilled juice all over it). He played golf with the big boys.

Parker and Mallory are so cute together! At the lake, when she would come in wearing her pajamas he would say, "Mallory you are so cute!"
Mallory is getting old enough to play with him and it so fuN!

Mackenzie was there too! she is getting so big also. We have some fun years ahead of us =)

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend and celebrate our freedom with family and friends!