Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another fun weekend

We had another fun weekend at the lake but it was soooo hot!!

We did Parker's favorite activity, rode the boat.
We had to get in a few evening boat rides because of the heat. It was really ridiculous how hot it was.

Parker didnt care when we went on the boat. Besides, It was so much nicer to go at night. He could still count all the boats and ducks.

We also did some swimming. At the beginning of every summer Parker is terrified of the water. He got over it pretty quickly and was swimming all by himself and jumping in!

These chest/arm floaty things are AWESOME!
I grew up going to the lake and I am so glad we can spend time there and that Parker can grow up going to the lake as well.

When we got home we played fetch with Oliver for a while and while we were outside, Parker spotted a huge hot air balloon!

He was so excited, it got really close and we could even hear them blowing the hot air! We see this balloon all over the city but this is the first time it has been so close!

And then we continued playing with Oliver =)

parker is so proud when Oliver will fetch the ball for him.

Before bed, Parker wanted to have his picture taken! His hair is so funny! It is always so perfect before he goes to bed (because we have just washed and dryed it)

he says its "so pretty".

Now, we are all back to the work week. Parker started summer school this week and LOVES his teacher! It is the assistant from his old class and he adores her =) Im back in school as well! Im hoping to keep my school work and clinical hours within the week days so I can spend the weekends playing =)