Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You will never belive this....

Yesterday I was working from home because my office was being wallpapered (another story). I heard a noise outside so I want to the window in our kitchen and there was a guy hooking up to my husband's trailor (by the way...He had bought the trailor last weekend, it didnt even have tags on it yet). I called Dennis to ask if he was letting someone borrow his trailor and he said no. I told him that someone was hooking up to it. First, I looked at the liscense plate and then I ran outside. As i got outside he jumped in his truck and squeeled off with our trailor. I started yelling and running down the road after him...Well, there went our brand new trailor. We got a really big, heavy duty one so that Dennis could haul a truck on it.

So, the police came and we filed a report. I had the plate number but it didnt match the kind of car the guy was driving. The police told us that we probably would never see that trailor again.

Dennis was so mad and sad that his new trailor was gone and I was scared that a man came to our house and I saw him stealing something that was ours.!!! So, I told Dennis that we should go get something to eat. As we left we decided to go drive around to see if we could find that car. We drove by this church and I saw something hidden in the trees. We went up to it and IT WAS OUR TRAILOR!!! I guess the guy got scared because I had seen him. He probably ditched it and was going to come back for it later! We called the police and told them that we found it and nevermind. Dennis was so happy!! I still cant believe it!!