Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day at Daycare

Parker started daycare on Monday. He isnt going to go full time all summer but this first week I am trying to be consistent and have him go most of the day so that he gets used to it and knows what is going on. He has to sleep on a mat at naps!!! This will definitely be something he will have to learn!
Here is Parker on his way to daycare....he just woke up but he has a pretty happy face and is ready for the day.

When we got there he just walked right in and started playing with the toys (he is the one playing with the drum)! I was shocked and kind hurt (wasnt he suppose to be sad when I left?) I know, I know I should be happy that he didnt have a meltdown! His teachers are so nice and I was surprisingly ok with leaving him there. I knew that it would only be until 11:45 because he has therapy on Mondays.

So, I went to pick him up at 11:45 (right in the middle of nap time) and he was sitting on his mat crying. I felt so bad!!! He hated it!! but they told me he did awesome all morning until nap time. He started looking around and realized this isnt where he usually takes a nap and got scared. He was exhausted from playing so hard! Here is the same picture of Parker, but this is after daycare!! I think he wore himself out!!!

The next day when I dropped him off he started crying when we walked in the door! But as soon as his teacher took and and started playing he was fine! I was gonna leave him most of the day on this day. He needed to try that nap thing again! Well, I went over there at lunch and he was passed out on his mat! I was so proud of him!
I,on the other hand, an having a hard time with it. He has come to the office with me since he came home from the hospital. I am so lonely now!! but I know that I need to go ahead and get him used to daycare before I start school! I can already tell that this is going to be so good for his development! Please pray for me and for Parker. This is a huge adjustment for us!


Karyn said...

I stay home now, but when I had two kids I worked. I really struggled with the day care thing. I would rush to get them from work and take them to the grocery store. A friend convinced me I had not left them on the side of the road ;) and I should go to the store, take it home and put it away and then go get the kids. They would rather stay at daycare and play than go to the store. It is a balance, but it can be done.